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n this present time, a company has to be lean to stay competitive. This means cutting
on unnecessary labor or overhead. Manual preparation of payroll is not in line with
getting lean.

So what is the solution? Will you find payroll software that will not break your piggy
bank? Will you find an inexpensive programmer that will guarantee that your payroll
program will work after its modification?

There is another solution, SUBSCRIBE TO A PAYROLL COMPANY. PinoyPayroll is a
subscription based payroll software offered by EZY Software Asia, an affiliate of
EZYRecon, Inc., a US based Software Co. For one (1) year, you can use PinoyPayroll for
a fee of P1,200. It is a no-commitment subscription based use of their Payroll program.
After one year, you have the option to renew or not your subscription.

Among its various features and functions are:

1.       Easy to set-up and use, (written in Visual Basic using MS Excel as user interface)
2.       Applicable to Monthly, Semi-monthly or weekly payroll period users        
3.       Can accommodate unlimited number of employees        
4.       Automatic computation of withholding tax, SSS or GSIS, Philhealth & Pag-ibig  contributions
5.       Allows user to define when to deduct the SSS, W/tax and other deductions        
6.       Provides entry for other non-taxable income (i.e. maximum of four (4) slots)        
7.       Computes user defined overtime, tardiness, ECOLA  and 13th-Month pay        
8.       Prepares year-end BIR Alpha List Report and prints individual BIR Form 2316
9.       Prepares and prints individual pay slips, showing loan balances, if any.        
10.   Prepares monthly/quarterly Government reports (w/holding tax, SSS or GSIS, Philhealth   and Pag-
ibig remittances – hardcopy only.
11.   Prepares bank ATM transmittal report        
12.   Monitors and updates the employee/s loan/s balance/s or subsidiary ledger for loan
13.   Can accommodate up to eight (8) slots for loan deductions every payroll period.
14.   User can define forty four (44) types of loan sources.        
15.   Allows cut and paste movement of data.        
16.   Provides user defined report writer to accumulate data coming from the payroll register (i.e. quarterly
loan remittance, quarterly overtime report, etc.)  
17.   No obligation to renew after end of subscription term.        
18.   Payroll information resides and is kept within the user’s computer only. Data confidentiality is
19.   Can be easily updated to reflect changes in BIR, SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig monthly contribution
20. Republic Act 9504 compliant.    

21. Prepares the
payslip showing the details of overtime, government deductions and personal loans.
( click the
payslip link to see a sample of the payslip)

      Personal Computer, Pentium III or higher        
      Windows XP or later version         
      128 MB RAM or higher (depending on number of employees)
*      You must have an installed version of Microsoft Excel     
Terms and Conditions:        

Minimum Subscription is one (1) year for Ps.1,200. Payment should made payable to Mr. Hermel T.
Hernando, and can be deposited to Chinabank account # C/A :1171410214 in the name of Hermel T.
Hernando. Money Transfer Agents can also be utilized.  Our official address is 21 Anobing St., Bgy.
Claro, Quezon City, Tel. Nos. (0632)-9136821 or (0632)-433 7583. Allow at least two-three (2-3) working
days for verification or actual receipt of your payment and quality control testing of the program before
delivery of program.

The term “subscription” means that PinoyPayroll is just giving the subscriber the right to use the program
until the end of your subscription period. The subscription does not transfer ownership of the program
modules or the right to modify the program. The program modules and the workbook are still the
exclusive property of PinoyPayroll, except for the data contained therein.
Pinoy Payroll

PinoyPayroll is a payroll software written in Visual Basic using MS Excel as its user interface. Thus, the
learning curve for using it is easy. Under the hood of this payroll program is a set of complex Visual
Basic modules to compute the payroll and to provide an easy interface for users. Both the data and the
program reside in the computer of the user. Thus the confidentiality of the information is kept within the
users only – no data is maintained by PinoyPayroll.  The company also provides a 24/7 tech support
through e-mail. However, since the program is user friendly, you may not even need such support.

The best part of the program is that there is no limit on the number of employees that can be
processed. There is no limit to the number of loan deductions that can be monitored. The system is
applicable to both private and government entities. It may not have the big bang and whistles of other
database programs, but who cares – the payroll computation is correct and the necessary reports are

Some payroll programs in the market cost about P18,000 or more. Considering that PinoyPayroll will only
cost P1,200 per year, you may want to check this new program. It will take you about 15 years to pay
that much using Pinoy Payroll. Instead of investing on expensive payroll software, you can use the cash
to buy materials or increase inventories. Isn’t this very practical?